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I have also had a bad experience at the same Petland store. We were also looking at the reptiles and one of the female employees was helping my son and me.

She was not friendly at all, was very short with her answers to our questions and was not helpful at all. I also noticed that their reptiles are a lot more expensive than other competitors as well as their merchandise. The same reptile set up aquarium my son bought at Petsmart was 130.00 more at Petland for the exact same item, brand name.....I honestly don't know how they are still in business.

Petsmart employees were way more friendly, helpful and informative.

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P.S this is not the worst part, the worst part is that this whole experience made me so angry that I hit my six year old son and would not stop because I was so angry. Well in my defense I did not hit him for no reason, he made me very angry.

Someone saw me hitting my son and called the police. The police refused to allow me to take him home and I had to leave him with relatives whom they considered safe. They had to do a background check first. Now they are working with CPS to keep me away from my son.

My son really wanted a reptile, but my sister whom he will be staying with until "I get my act together" is afraid of reptiles so he won't be awarded for good work. This reptile was a reward for doing well and getting five stars in reading.

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #899776

You are lucky that is all the person did. If I saw a grown woman hitting a defenseless six year old child I would have put you in your place.

Normally I disagree with hitting women, however if you can hit your defenseless son and and continue to hit him in anger that is abuse and you have no right being called a "lady". You have no right being a parent either.

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #992871

Wth? How is Petland responsible for your temper?

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