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My husband and I would go into this store a lot- usually just to play with the puppies (it can be therapeutic for animal lovers)- one day we saw a new arrival- a puggle female. She is a very unusual looking little puggle(maybe ugly to some, beautiful to us), and she really tugged on my heart strings.

We left, thinking we shouldn't probably purchase a dog, that we should consider adoption instead. For many weeks, my thoughts of that puggle kind of haunted me- my husband checked in there a few times over weeks that turned to months, hoping that someone else may have given her a home. Petland kept lowering her price tag, and she was unfortunately still there and getting older. One day she was taken down from the web site, so I was ecstatic to think that someone gave her a home.

A few weeks passed and my husband ran in to get me some treats for our other dogs. He called me and said she was not gone- that she was still there, which was NOW 4 months into her stay at that store, and it really broke my heart. They told my husband she had to be quarantined due to an "infection", so they had taken her off the website, which made no sense to me- unless she was gravely ill, but that was what they told us, but they also made sure to say she was STILL for sale and that they and cut the price in half, to 800.00 . I decided to call my mom and ask her advice about the situation, as we were getting ready to leave town for a few days.

She advised me to go out of town and then decide if we could do another dog once we got back. When we returned from our short vacation, my parents had gone and purchased her for us. Of course, Petland had told them about their puppies health guarantees and all of the "extras" that they include when you purchase a puppy from them, which they had also told my husband and I on many occasions, trying to educate us on their puppy guarantees. So, now we had her and were excited to give her the home she had not had for SO long.

She came with a terrible case of kennel cough, but we used Vitamin C, Coconut oil,and Sambucus to get rid of it. A week passed after we purchased her, and I took her to the vet that Petland asks you to go to (to keep their health guarantee in check)- the vet said she looked and felt fine to them and they sent me on my way. Here we are 2 months later, she had begun having a hard time walking, sitting and even laying down- we thought she may have just pulled a muscle or something so we waited a few days and then when things got worse we took her back to the same vet that said she was healthy (that Petland suggests you use). This time the diagnosis was not good.

The vet felt around a bit on her hips and watched her walk and then said he suspected she was a Perthes dog. He said it was probably a congenital defect(possibly breeding) and said that it is usually only found in 1 hip. They did a series of XRAYS and found that yes, not only did she have a severe case of Perthes in her right hip, but that her left hip was also deteriorating. He came back and said that we had the option of doing orthopedic surgery on her that following Friday(this was a Monday) or if we let it go further that the muscles may atrophy and she would be in severe discomfort and danger.

He said that they could only do 1 hip at this time and so somewhere down the line we would have to do the 2nd. We were devastated. She is only 6 months old, and she was just getting used to a home and a yard. We took her in for the surgery that Friday and we went by and spoke to Petland about the situation we were in, and about how they should have probably known, after 4 months of having the dog.

They tout the health guarantee whenever they get the opportunity- so we asked what were they going to do to help us with a 1300.00 surgery, which was only for 1 of her 2 bad hips? 1300.00 is A LOT of money and beyond THAT, we had not even had her for a full 2 months when this was diagnosed. Petland said they remembered her(since she was there for over 1/2 her life) and that they had insurance on their puppies, so they would talk with the owners there and figure something out. They never called or followed up, so when we took her for her surgery on Friday- we asked the vet if Petland usually handles sick dogs this way?

They said that they would speak to Petland and let them know full diagnosis. We had the surgery done and went to pick her up when they opened the next morning. I was FULLY prepared to pay for the surgery as upset as I was over this whole thing- the stress on our puppy, the stress on our family and the inconvenience it had put on our household and our puppies life. The front desk clerk said that Petland was actually going to totally take care of the costs (after they had spoken with them), and we got our dog and THANKFULLY left with follow up instructions for her care.

I took her back in for her laser therapy TODAY, which is the following Tuesday and when they brought her back- a lady from the back came out and apologized, but said that she had spoken to Petland and that they had not agreed to pay for ANYTHING. First of all- that made me sick to my stomach- THE VET stated that PETLAND had covered the charges 3 days earlier, and then that lady also stated that PETLAND told her we had ONLY paid 300.00 for the puggle(a lie, and kind of condescending-does it matter how MUCH you pay for a dog that you are giving a home anyway?) and that they would never cover a surgery for a dog that cost that little for the amount that the surgery had cost. After watching my dog go through all of this- they are seriously going to do this TODAY??? After we did everything we were supposed to do and we were told that the costs had been covered by Petland just a few days before?

AND- the vet or Petland couldn't have called me on Monday or emailed me to tell me there was a huge mistake made, but wait until I'm back for a follow up with my puppy and corner me with this then? She acted like Petland did not even know what they were talking about with my puppies surgery. DISGUSTING. I left there not knowing how to handle this- sick to my stomach.

I now have a dog that will be compromised twice for surgeries in the first year of her life, with apparently NO health guarantee. My heart goes out to all those creatures in that store and the folks that bought an animal there thinking that they would be healthy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petland Puggle Dog.

Reason of review: They sold me an unhealthy puppy with very bad health issues .

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: I would like for the Petland to pay for the surgery, like I was told they had. .

Petland Cons: How my puppies health issues were handled.

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