My 12 year old came home with a scorpion from the Crowfoot Calgary Petland location. What happened to their responsible pet owner policy of only selling to adults?

Who sells a poisonous animal to a 12 year old? Claiming they thought he looked like an adult doesn't cut it- shame on you!

Did it not occur to the employee he was dealing with a child when my son signed his name as only his first name in print for his signature? Having to return a pet once brought home just doesn't cut it, that causes emotional stress for everyone in the family!

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The more important question is ... Where were YOU, the “parent,” as your child was galavanting all over town doing things that you clearly disapprove of?


LOL did a tarantula have a baby with a scorpion


Scorpions aren't poisonous, they're venomous. They're also not tarantulas, though they are arachnids.

They're easy to care for, though the people who sold it should be written up without a doubt.

to Anonymous #1155678

I'm with u on this one. But I did find out their not suppose to sell them in store here.

You have to order a special. I did see cobalt blues here then they got in trouble. I think their beautiful to be honest. As long as you care for one like your suppose too your safe from what I know.

I own a Chilean rose hair an cobalt blue. Their huge!!! Cobalt is bigger an is aggressive but it says hes not venemous or anything. The one thing I would do is see if anyone is allergic to the venom due to the fact even the safest one which is the Chilean may not be venomous to us or kill us but it can kill a person who's allergic.

As for the employee who sold that tarantula should get maximum punishment due to the fact he didn't know the kid was not allergic or his age an shouldn't be selling them to minors. Where I live its ok for minors to buy one.

I guess it depends on where this kind of stuff happens. I let my tarantulas sit on opposite sides of me an let them watch TV with me an they stay away from each other their lazy an like me all they do is eat an sleep an watch TV hahaha

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