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This is a disgrace!! Let's just all cut the *** here and tell it like it is! Many stores if not ALL stores will ALWAYS put money over the well being of an animal, PERIOD!! Just keeping an animal caged up for most of the day is cruel in and of itself! Most chain stores such as Petland AND Petsmart buy their puppies from puppy mills, it's disgusting and although not illegal (which it should be), it is most certainly unethical!

Why didn't the (fake) KDKA news interview Mr. Cavener? The man who was arrested for sticking up for this poor dog by the so-called, "innocent" owner? Why wasn't there ANY investigation as to WHERE this and so many other puppies that these huge pet chains sell come from? WHY wasn't there ANY investigation as to WHO OR WHEN ANY kind of Vet care AND records were provided for this puppy? What kind of food are they feeding and how many times a day does the puppy get fed? What kind of exercise does the puppy receive if at all?

So, with all this being said, my sister had adopted 2 Boxers as puppies who were brothers and both were rescues, (more on that in a bit). Neither of them NEVER looked like they were emaciated!! They were thin, that's the way that breed of dog is, but not to the point where their ribs were severely showing! The owner is obviously EXTREMELY ignorant when he states, "Boxer puppies, just like a Great Dane or just like an Italian Greyhound, you should be able to see their ribs, and as a puppy, they should have lots of loose skin and they grow into their skin,” Caplan said. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this dog is obviously underweight!! Perhaps Mr. Caplan should stop eating so much of his profits and start giving some more food to the dogs he unethically purchases and take better care of them!

Lastly, I just wanted to say that at this day and age, WHY in God's name would ANYONE want to purchase ANY animal from ANY petshop whether it is a local pet shop or a national chain when there are literally tens of thousands of animals stuck in shelters that need to be rescued and placed into a loving home? People who buy ANY animal are (IMO) ignorant and obviously, have plenty of money to shell out to (over)pay for ANY animal they buy from these piece of *** stores, so why not take all that money, and donate it to a reputable shelter instead? People like this are only part of the ongoing animal problem we are continuing to have. How about for once and for all, try being part of the solution and STOP buying ANYTHING from these kinds of abusive stores?

ALL those so-called, "MAGA" hats should be renamed to, "Make ANIMALS great again!" Hey, it worked for *** and all his co-whores, oops typo!

Reason of review: Stupidity.

Preferred solution: STOP buying dogs from puppy mills!!!!!.

Petland Cons: Petland supports animal cruelty by buying from puppy mills, Dishonesty, Petland at the mills mall in pittsburgh pa.

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