Vancouver, British Columbia

We bought a beautiful black kitten that was in a lot of pain. We felt sorry for it so we bought it.

Little did we know it had no teeth and the vet for the Pets for Life foundation snapped all the teeth our and left root tips in. We immediately took it to our own vet who was appauled at the conditgion of the pet and said it would hve died had we not adopted it. so $3000 later for roots to be extracted and infection to go away....our kitten is the best!

No thanks for Pets for Life Foundation who has a vet that is a butcher and doesn't do diddly for its animals. May as well have killed it than to leave it writhing in pain like they did!

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Oh, the poor kitty! Probably from a kitten mill, too.

Pet land gets all or almost all of their animals from mills, unfortunately. It's great that this individual kitten has a better life now than at the mill or the store, but I recommend that, in the future, you not buy anything or anybody from Petland, to protect other animals from suffering like your little kitty. In fact, any pet store that sells (not adoption, but selling - there is a difference) puppies or kittens...yeah, those little ones probably came from mills.

But I am glad that this one kitty got into such great hands as yours. You sound like a very caring person.



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