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We purchased a puppy from Petland in Racine in February.We signed a purchase contract, also signed by the store manager, stating our puppy was registered.

After 12 weeks of waiting for her papers, we started calling and asking where they were. After calling three times, we were told "OOPS, our mistake, your dog can't be registered because she is a *** a poo." They are also claiming that registration does not affect the price of the dog.

I think if they pay the breeder more for a registered dog, they propably would charge more.I think they are liars and do not recommend anyone buy from them.

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And btw, any shelter dog is better then a dog purchased from a puppy mill, willingly or not.


Lady you are a fool.Most shelter sites will strictly inform you whether the dog is child friendly.

Don't just pop off your rock and get designer breeds because you think they're cute. Petland is a disgusting place that supports a cruelty system unlike anything else I've ever seen.

A co-worker has a dog rescued from a puppy mill adn the dog is scarred for life.I'm glad you support this kind of system regardless if you are saving these mutts or not.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #163895

Well, thanks for all the comments, I seem to be the only one who does not get any support for unknowingly purchasing a puppy mill dog.Fact is, she still is here, still needs a home, and is the best dog I have ever had.

Oh, and by the way, I had a shelter dog first, it bit my toddler and I had to take him back. I felt horrible about it. I will never get another shelter dog as long as I live!!! Also, if there are thousands of shelter dogs being euthanized as we speak that are the same breed as mine, then why didn't I find any when I looked her breeed up on the internet?

We looked for dogs her breed in shelters first and were unable to find any.

Just wanted to clarify before anyone else decided to get all high and mighty and pretend that their shelter dog is better.Shelter dogs are no better thatn my dog, sorry.


Those "designer dogs" are nothing more than mixed mutts no matter what anyone calls them or how much anyone pays for them.There are thousands and thousands of these small mutts in shelters being euthanized as I write this email.

Everyone is drowning in them. Until Hunte Corp.

in Goodman, MO (look them up on the internet) stops selling puppymill puppies Petland is going to continue to sell these puppies.Please go to or under puppymills and read about what you just bought.


If you are going to spend the money to purchase a pet, that is a mutt (mixed breed),from a pet store, then I don't really feel for you. You could have saved yourself a considerable sum of money and saved a life in the bargain by going down to the local animal shelter where you would have had your choice of mutts. I even got my registered (I got the papers) bulldogge from the pound.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #149871

That was not a lie that was a simple mistake. A lie is purposely decieving someone, this is just a simple misunderstanding.

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