7911 151st St, Overland Park, KS 66223, USA
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Recently visited this store and found that the puppies were crated and only had the crate bars to stand on. This will ruin their paws and cause them great pain!

Some public agency needs to monitor this store for their treatment of animals. I contacted several local shelters who say they have protested in the future and nothing has been done. This is a shame because animals have rights and should be treated kindly and with respect.

The young people working in the store have no idea about how to care for these pups. They are just happy to let people take them out of the crates and play with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pets paws are being damaged because they spend the day in crates with only crate bars on their paws..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The video attached is showing happy, older puppies playing.. They are on a wire surface to keep them from getting *** on their coats.

They are not keep like this all the time. I suggest you educate yourself on the USDA standards of care.. and what's required.. These puppies will be more socialised by people and other dogs than any home breeder hands down..

They are also required to be seen by a USDA licensed Vet every 10 days... way more than any breeder's required.. Rescues DO NOT have to do any vetting, nor adhere to USDA standards, and don't have to guarantee their pets sold.. Rescues don't even allow people to come to their homes to see how the pets are cared for..

Many are nothing but horrible hoarding cases where sick animals come to die.You would trust USDA for setting healthy standards for meat and Veggies , but not where your pets come from ?!? #YourPetYourChoice #StopSpreadinglies #StopRetailrescue


Adopt don’t shop! This place is a puppy mill.

Should we expect anything better?

These people need to get out of this business! I would protest outside if I lived in Chinaor wherever they are being held.

to Mir Vie #1438583

While you are busy fighting against inspected, superior cared for dogs, you are allowing hundreds of thousands of dogs brought into this country from the worst conditions ever.. Dogs bringing all sorts of diseases, from 3rd world countries..

Rescues are complaining about the lack of adoptable dogs, they are outbidding each other at auctions spending thousands of dollars to buy up all the puppies and purebreds, spending thousands of dollars to import dogs from Korea and Puerto rico Egypt and Turkey.... just to have sellable dogs.. How dare you accuse our American bred dogs of coming from sub par breeders.. USDA breeders are held to high standards of care..

Puppies from Petstores have to be seen by a vet every 10 days.. You just don't have a clue.


I breed dogs and in my opinion pet stores do more damage to puppies in their formative weeks than I could ever imagine. My dogs are house dogs, the pups are born in a safe place in the house with temperature control and the mother is fed and pampered.

I play with my pups when they get to about 5 weeks and make sure they are going to a good home.

If I feel that the environment they are going to is unsafe or not good for them, then I call off the deal. No amount of money would allow me to rehome a great pup in a place that is not pet friendly.

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