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I watched the PETLAND special on animal planet last night and got sick to my stomach!!!I BOUGHT a puppy for the petland in robinson town center and like the puppy mills on the animal planet special admitted their puppies had giardia, mine did too.

I paid 1,000.00 for him, I think this is a lot of money but I couldn't leave without him. I agree that any dog from anywhere can get anything. Petland knowingly buys sick puppies and sell sick puppies and then the owner JEFF KOURY blames you!!!! I had the puppy for a day and a half and took him to my vet only to find out he was very underweight and had giardia.

Also these puppies are stuffed in these boxes/display cases, its just sick!I will adopt from a rescue from now on.

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Here is a detailed article about diagnosis and treatment of giardia in dogs:


sorry to say giardia and coccidia are merely nuisances of puppy ownership.Many puppies are susceptible to it and carry it!

Most breeders if not found before they sell a dog, will not reimburse you when you take the puppy and rack up all kinds of vet bills at your discretion. I will refund the puppy before I will allow a individual as they see fit to treat a puppy. I personally would refund, take the puppy back, cure it myself and be done with you and quite frankly black list you so that you never are able to buy a puppy again from the breeder grapevine!

There are many more far worse life threatening things that puppies can have such as liver shunts, serious heart murmurs, epilepsy, kidney failure and the list goes on!You people need to get off the minor nuisances and get a life, one would wonder if you have a life to complain and tarnish a reputation over a nuisance!

to i am a breeder #672408

WOW!I can not believe "I am a breeder"'s comment.

I would never in a million years buy a dog from you if you treat it like a used car sale. Wowza! I just got a dog from a reputable breeder, paid an insane money for it and found out it has an advanced case of Giardia. I am horrified that the breeder wont cover the bills since the puppy has been with us all of 2 days and is defecating blood!!

I am sorry, but breeders shouldn't be sending sick dogs out with any "Nuisances" as you so call them. And if you have constant cases of giardia and you find this common, perhaps there is something wrong with your sanitation at your kennels. Horrified! :( And you say that you would "BLACKLIST" someone so that they cant buy another dog from a breeder because they dont find it acceptable for them to take a sick dog from you!!!!!


Rock Spring, Georgia, United States #248847

I just wanted to comment on RECONS post, um puppies/dogs do not get Giardia from CHANGING FOOD!!!Animals get Giardia from being exposed to it, in either another animals infected ***, or by drinking contaminated drinking water!!

DUH!!!so no, it is not from 'changing food' ***!!


To the lady who bought the dog that got giardia 3 days after you got it.I bet you changed the dog food,So many people cry about this when its something they do.You must keep the pup on the same food he ate at the pup shop.Do you know how long it takes for giardia to start ?

3 days...I will type that again...3 DAYS !!! and #10 burt009,If i may ask you a lil question.Do you know where your "4 year old lab" came from ? or its health record before you got him/her???burt it IS your fault,You changed the food or you just gave the puppy can food,They cant eat that,its like giving burger king food to that poor should not be allowed to own a puppy,you made him sick Please dont say that the shelter said he lived with an old lady that drove the dog to work and back 3 times a year.YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR LAB !!!

Miss "poor puppies" What do you know about the dogs at shelters ?? did you ever think that they are from bad homes and bad breeders and bad pup stores ???

Shelter does not = a healthy dog.We have no crystal balls.If you had a newborn child and he got sick 3 days after he came home would you call the dr and tell him you want your money back ???Here is the real buy a dog or find a dog,get 1 from the shelter or find `1 on the street...You dont know how long the dog will live,So shut up and stop bashing pet stores


Those poor puppies!!!!Those horrible employees!!!!!

Never buy from Petland or Petsmart!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Get dogs from a rescue shelter and help out at the shelter you get them from!!!!

I have spoken.:cry :sigh :( :eek :upset


well whatever you do, don't order from Keith Titus and Traci Titus of somethingsphishy and that business ripped me off big time!


Just like petland...u end up getting 600 dollars worth of care already with petland puppies...give it a rest petland is here to stay


And if you breeders r giving out 1 year warranties....I'm sure they r charging 1000 dollars plus per puppy


Ya u *** I just they give out 3 year health warranties on anything hereditary or its butter than ur 1 year, and just so u know less than 4% of puppies yes puppies come from petlands, so shhhhh

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