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My co-workers decided to surprise me for my birthday since I lost my last ferret last year and bought me a ferret from Petland.

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Upon purchase, the cashier did not provide a carrier for the ferret to be transported to its destination. My co-worker did not want to buy one of the carriers available for sale in the store and mentioned to the cashier that the person she was buying the ferret for still had all of the belongings from her prior 5 ferrets. She asked for something to carry the ferret in and was provided a small, 12x12 in box which was about 6-7 inches tall in height. The cashier was not even going to put holes in the box until my co-worker mentioned it. At that point, she jabbed 3 holes in each side of the box which weren't even 1/4 inch big. The store manager was also present throughout this entire transaction.

Even the two ferrets I bought from Petland (Kody and Mellow) back in 2002 provided me with a disposable, cardboard carrier with ventilation holes to transport an animal home. It was an adequate accommodation for them to be able to move around in but not escape from. However, what my co-worker was provided was horribly inadequate.

Another note I would like to add is that the employees could not provide my co-worker any documentation showing that this ferret had been examined and vaccinated by a licensed, certified vet. The only thing they could tell my co-worker was the date the ferret was born. The store managed claimed that it was a Marshall Farms ferret, but there was no documentation. It is standard policy that each Marshall Farms ferret purchased by a customer is also provided an one year warranty pamphlet of health as well as documentation showing when the ferret was born, examined and received its vaccination which I was provided when I had purchased my two ferrets in 2002.

My co-worker had no alternative and left Petland with the ferret to return to work which is 3 miles away and about a 10 minute drive. She had the air conditioner on and kept him in the front seat near the vents so he could try to get some cool air through those tiny holes since it was over 90 degrees outside. Since she was alone, it was not possible for her to keep the small box open for fear of him jumping out of the box and into the car. My co-worker explained that he was riled up, moving around and seemed like he was trying to get out of the box. Upon arrival, he was immediately taken out of the small box provided by the cashier and placed in a larger box then presented to me as a surprise.

I was appalled at the original box that the cashier provided my co-worker to transport the ferret to his destination. As I looked inside the bigger box my co-workers placed him in to give him room to move and cool, I immediately noticed he was lethargic, very limp and listless, glassy-eyed, breathing rapidly, and had a fast heart rate. There were signs of him vomiting which contained streaks of blood, urine, and liquid bowel movements. He continued to do this as I tried to keep a fan on him to cool him down and tried to get him to drink some water.

After doing this for about 15 minutes or so, I called Petland to find more information on him and get any documents on him showing when he was last examined as well as express how upset I was over the whole matter since his purchase in the store. It was at this point that the manager told me they knew he was 4 months and came from a Global Pet Expo from a vendor in Florida. She said that it was a Marshall Farms vendor. I proceeded to ask her for the warranty and documents that should have been provided with him upon purchase. She said they didn't have any and that she would try to find them. I asked her to fax them to me if she found them.

After he showed little signs of improvement, I called my vet to see if I could bring him but he wouldn't be able to see him until 5:30 pm. Upon initial examination, I was told that he will need to stay overnight and was not sure if he would make it. I went to Petland immediately to speak with the manager. I even brought the box he was originally transported in to ask her if she thought that was adequate for any animal to be transported home in. After about 20 minutes of debtate, talking, and giving her a piece of mind, I left. I did get the owners name but she could not tell me when he would comes to work. She also said all sales are final. She did not even try to make any compensation for what my co-workers paid to buy him nor what I had to pay for the vet.

Six hours after purchase, my vet calls me to say he passed away. I decided to name him Zen. May he rest in peace. B: 2-14-11 D: 5-31-11

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thats so sad :(

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