I felt with them in saltwater fish and tanks and my fish have died and they tell you its your fault. The tanks leak and then they will tell you there's nothing they can do.

I had the tank for four months and they said its out of warranty. They tell you that they will help and it cost you more money.

I emailed there corporation office and all they can say is its privately owned, and I stated the name on the sign says petland so you can help. I have been working on this problem since August and I'm using the Better business bureau to help me.

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Clint, I'm not aware of your situation? I also am confused as we do not have a Marlena that manages this store?

Our warranty coverage -if anything related to it's stay in our kennel occures in the first 14 days, all treatments are covered at the Bethel Animal Hospital until the puppy is better ( if puppy was diagnosed on day 14 it's treatment is coverd at the aaaqBethel Animal hospital until it is cleared of it's issue). If you would like to contact me at the store so I may further assist you, please do so.



There is no one named Marlena at Petland Lewis Center. Please contact the store if you have a problem. Thank you


Marlena at the Lewis Center Petland is awful. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General, the Humane Society, and the Better Business Bureau, as well as Six on Your Side.

A simply Google search of "Petland Lewis Center' turns up an entire host of searches that opens the public eye as to the horror of what is going on at this store. This manager is extremely unprofessional, and almost killed our puppy by allowing him to sit in a crate there before our purchase with kennel cough so bad that the vet thought that he would die. He now has chronic kennel cough he is susceptible to, he's had 3 bouts with it and my wife and I must pay out of pocket because of the policy that 'after 15 days all costs go to the buyer'. We shall see.

More than anything I want to take action because of the rude nature of Marlena the manager and the way she talked to us has left an awful taste in my mouth. Mike Dewine is meeting with me soon.

Please everyone research the Lewis Center petland and see what I am talking about. Not all Petlands are created equal, this one has had 11 violations I have learned while the one in Hilliard for instance has had zero and noted that the Lewis Center petland was notoriously really ran in a shady manner.


They are terrible! do not go there!

i worked there and they are terrible terrible people that teach their employees to lie!

trust me i worked there. They sell you broke supplies for twice the price of other places and almost never have healthy puppies.

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