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I am a former petland employee. I advise not to shop at petland georgetown.

Not only was i treated horribly but i witnessed many customers treated poorley by the owner and manager. When i started i was intrusted on how to "deel" with customers and they take pride in kicking people out and scaming them for all the money that they can squeez out of you. They will do anything to sell you a very OVERPRICED puppy. A puppy they bought for $600 will cost you $3,500 Puppys are said to come from breeders, but many come in sick and are sent back to be put to sleep.

As a person working in petcare (former Vet-Tech) I advise youSearch your papers and internet for a puppy breeder DONT SHOP AT PETLAND!!! (georgetown)

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Petland does get puppies from puppy mills... I went to look and every puppy there had runny still.

And the one I went to had them drinking out of a rabbit feeder! That's evil! One puppy was so happy to run! Dogs shouldn't be confined!

Then when I asked where they got puppies it waswa ru around!

Honestly how venue u say u don't know where they came from? Don't shop at petland


I went into petland today...

sick.. just sick how they treat their kittens..

call me for info @ 703 665 2402

seriously people. we need to wake up and fight for the pets all over america!!




I purchased a puppy in Nov. I took it first to their vet, and in 4 days also to my vet twice.

The poor puppy screamed when it had a bm, and wouldn't eat. I informed petland in Topeka, Ks, where I purchased it. The last time I brought it to my vet, I was informed I had to return it to the store, which is an hour away. I didn't get my poor little puppy back, as she passed away at the store.

We went 4 days without sleep at my house trying to do anything we could. This was very traumatic for all of us. Then, I am told it was my fault, and a lack of care. Impossible, there wasn't anything else I could have done.

They also sent me home with medication, so obviously this puppy was already Ill. I am at a loss, and can't believe they refuse to work with me.


Hi could you contact me asap? we are filing on petland and could use a little more information. Thanks.

heart broken

@ Rae The sick puppy I boughr from petland was also from MO. I looked up all the violations the breeder had and gave Petland a copy for that small chance they would care. The violations were from two years ago to recent.


i worked at petland in largo florida until recently. i couldnt sleep at night!



First of all I thank you for specifying Petland Georgetown and not condemming all Petland stores. Camille why do you try? Petlands puppies are NOT purchased from puppy mills.

AND biddle, Petland does NOT send pets back to breeders to get put down, Petland does not support euthanasia except in the cases were it would be just plain cruel to not put down.

PS: That $600 puppy that we sell for $3500 (BTW a $600 puppy would be sold for $1300), is that 600 dollar puppy plus the cost of having it fixed, microchipped, vet checked WEEKLY, plus the cost of running the kennel (about $50 a day for each kennel). So that 1300 dollar puppy is making Petland maybe $100 profit if it sells within 2 weeks.


We've had a horrible experience also w/this store. We bought a puppy a month ago and have taken her to the vet 5 times and she is still sick.

She's had Coxacida, fever, chills, can't keep anything down and now we're worried it's a condition she was born with. We were told she came from a local breeder and instead have found she came from a puppy mill in MO. Petland has stopped paying the vet bills and we're afraid our puppy isn't going to make it much longer. I have called the corporate office and they said that this store is a franchise but did not know the owner's name.

They did take my complaint and said someone would call me. I explained that I can not get the manager to call me back and they said that the store in Georgetown does not return phone calls. So instead I've received inappropriate emails from them saying basically get over it, we're not doing anything. Anything we told you is hearsay unless you have it recorded - and I do!!!

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the attorney general's office and if we have to put our puppy down, I will be seeking legal representation. Of course they could care less. We did everything they required to follow their warranty and all they did was take our money and give us a sick puppy who is still sick.

Not only do they sell sick puppies, their customer service is horrible. Never again will I do business with them and I am making a point of making sure the word gets out.....PETA anyone????

Neath, Wales, United Kingdom #19777


These poor dogs are often robbed of health and a good life because Hunte Corp. and greedy millers want your money.

Not you happiness, not the puppy's well being, money. Nothing more.

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