I when to Petland looking for fishes but my wife what it a dog and we got a dog so the sales guy was like if your not sure you can always bring the dog back before 48 hours and get your money back . they lie they only give you 50% or the purches they are crazy .

I would never do business with them ever and on top of that they still sale the dog for the same price that crazy.

if you like to give money for free than go to petlie!! please dont ever ever think of buying from them

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I would like to know if there are any owners that bought an English Bulldog from Petland Ft Myers this year in 2011. I would like to the know the conditions of these dogs.

I know someone that bought an English Bulldog this summer there and they are saying it is AKC Purebred With Champion Bloodline... I don't believe anything they are saying!!


Petland is a Joke. They hid the fact that my puppy was sick.

They then tried to lie to me by saying my puppy had distemper and that he would die a horrible death. They did not want to pay for any of his medical expenses and wanted me to shut up. Well now there is a free floating petition against the Petland in Ft.

myers FL, and a protest coming their way. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!!!


JonW is crazy!


Beware most everyone who posts on your complaint saying that petland is awsome and insults you is either an employee of petland or affiliate of some sort. They posted all kinds of horrible comments on my friends complaint about her puppy who died after 10 days of purchase from parvo and they keep commenting on all kinds of personal information she never put in her post like how she signed a contract and paid with credit card things which she never indicates in her posts so beware of these people on here they are only trying to clear their bad reputation which will never happen in ten minutes of internet research you can clearly see the puppy mills that petland gets their puppies from are diseased and tainted and they will never change its been that way for years.


Don't buy a puppy from petland....they are not healthy. We bought a boxer from there only to have to put it down a year and a half later.

Lots of money spent to try to save it but can not replace a pancreas in a puppy or a colon. Never buy. The heartache is unbelievable. They should not be able to sell animals.

I miss my puppy every day. He never had a chance.


Lol people are dumb, the illeterate people are the ones whom complain, Petland has an extremely reputable package and you ge what you pay for, Grade A dogs and not ones you see in the puppy stores of ones like Puppy palace. Their priced that way for a reason.


You should learn how to use proper english before posting a review! And BTW Petland is great!

to A. Smith Shellsburg, Iowa, United States #665833

No its really not great. it sucks


You shouldn't be buying dogs from petland anyway. They are over priced and you should be getting from the pound. Not a huge commercial breeder.

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