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OUR DOG IS DEAD AFTER 12 DAYS On November 13th, 2016 we purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland. He was in the back and $100 off.

We assumed there were just so many dogs that they had to have some in the back. They brought him out and it was love at first sight. He was so sweet and so affectionate. We were told that the dog was a “fussy eater” and we were told to syringe feed him every 2 hours.

We signed all the papers and we took him to Petland’s recommended vet for a check-up three days later. The vet told me that Samson only needed to be eating three time per day. So that’s what we did. The day before Thanksgiving Samson was having some vomiting and seemed lethargic.

When he woke up in the morning he was basically limp. We tried feeding him but he was having a hard time. A few hours later we checked on him and he was lying on the floor in his own ***. He was starting to seize.

We took him to the only vet we could find open because it was Thanksgiving. They started him on an IV of 5% dextrose. We expected to come back the next day to our same happy puppy. The next morning he was still in awful shape.

We had to transport him to his regular vet-Tinselown (the vet they recommended and work with). This vet was literally a half mile down the road. By the time we arrived at the doctor’s Samson was already in worse shape than we picked him up in. They kept Samson and did a test to see if he had a liver shunt.

The vet said that this was not normal behavior and further testing was required. At this point we are trying to work with the PAWSitive Solutions place and see what the next steps are. We felt like we had done nothing wrong. They tell us that what is happening with Samson is 100% preventable.

For the next two days he has to remain on at least 5% dextrose IV fluids or he would begin to seize again within 30-40 minutes. By Saturday we have drained most of our funds to try to keep this dog alive. The ER vet gives us some options. We could either take him home.

Where he will suffer and eventually succumb to seizures again. OR we could do euthanasia. One of the worst parts was the owner called the solutions claims place and told them that Tinseltown Vet said that Samson was better and was ready for PICKUP. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!??!

HE LIED. Samson WAS ready for pick up but only because we had to transport him to the ER because he was in no better condition than we left him in. At this point we are at a loss. We don’t want to see this poor dog suffer.

And what kind of a life is it having to live on an IV??? The vet said he might even have to stay on it for up to a YEAR. Of course we can’t get a diagnosis documented because we don’t have the money to keep testing a dog WE JUST BOUGHT 10 DAYS AGO. You think you are paying all of this money to get a quality “product” ….

Which is so unfortunate because that is exactly what this business treats these animals as. Just another “product”. They use every loophole they can in order to keep your money. All the while making YOU feel like YOU killed the dog.

We are emotionally scarred. We have three children that had to witness all this as well….. During this whole period of time. The owner has nothing to do with us.

They claim to “care about pets” and how “pets make life happier” yet the owner has NO CONTACT with us AT ALL. He will only go through the solutions claims place. I completely and whole heartedly do not want to see anyone have to go through something like this. I don’t want more puppies to suffer.

PLEASE listen and PLEASE spread the word. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. They need to be put out of business. Even if we don’t get our money back, we just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to somebody else.

We will never get the time back we got to spend with a sweet dog. It was only two weeks but I can’t believe the tribulations they’ve put us through. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Petland Pet Adoption.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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That’s what happens when you buy a puppy mill dog from a pet store. No sympathy.

to Anonymous #1707087

Go to *** Those poor puppies deserve homes like any!! Pathetic !


Well that's what you get for buying an animal from a pet store. Some people will never learn!


Unbelievable. Pet Solutions is horrible.

I’m in a battle with them now. I paid 7,500 for my dog and 3,000 in attempt to keep her alive. Two weeks after her death, they had the balls to ask me for something proving it was genetic. After speaking to the vet, only genetic testing can prove that.

She’s been cremated, how do we extract DNA from ashes?!?!? Loopholes!!!

I hate this place. I’m left with credit card debt and a broken heart.

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