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Petland on Bethel Road in Columbus Ohio. I spoke to Holly (what a joke) all she could say is she worked for the company for 8 years.

Bought 3 dogs from there and never had one bit of trouble...ummm do you think she would say that if she didn't work for them. Very unsympathetic that I just had to put down my long hair chiquaqua that I purchased from them in December 2011. Not one im sorry to hear that. The dog was sick the 1st month I had her.

I took her to the vet he said that the dog didn't have last worming and so we wormed her and she was ok for a little while....then she turned yellow...jaudice. Eyes were yellow, skin yellow she was a very sick little dog. I had to let her go. I wanted to say...that Petland was so nice when I was giving them my $1700.00 at Christmas time....to bad they couldn't have the same empathy when I was explaining that I had to put my long haired chiquaqua to sleep due to how ill she was.

Her liver shut down and her pancreas. I was calling to see if they tracked this stuff and if there was information they needed to know. Boy was I wrong.

I have 3 other dogs and I will promise you EVERY CHANCE I GET I WILL TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT WILL LISTEN HOW I WAS TREATED AT THE PETLAND ON BETHEL ROAD (CARRIAGE PLACE) IN COLUMBUS OHIO. It will be a cold day in *** before I give them a dime of my money.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Jackson, Ohio, United States #1267980

ADOPT DON'T shop!!


Did you purchase the lifetime warranty? Any problems I had was covered under that warranty and you don't talk to Petland about questions regarding the health of the dog.

I don't remember the name of the company but there's a phone number in your book you get with your puppy. You call them. Clearly Petland can't shell out $1,700 from their register and hand that to you. They're not Wal-Mart.

I'm sure your attitude had a lot to do with the way the employee treated you. I work retail and if a customer calls me/contacts me and immediately treats me like I'm the sole reason this happened and that I am the one to blame or has an attitude, I'm sorry but at that point I am not sympathetic. To post this acting like a crazy child tells me a lot about the way you handle things which I'm sure was the case with that employee. I wouldn't have kissed your *** either.

Finally, Puppies are babies. Just like a human baby, they are susceptible to illness. My (mix breed not from Petland) dog had 6 puppies and 4 of them made it. The other 2 did not.

Just because they came from Petland doesn't mean it's their fault and that's why they offer that warranty. That warranty covers your original purchase 100% to another puppy should something happen yo yours. If you chose not to buy it, that's your own fault. If you bought anything from any other store and it quit working in 6 months, you wouldn't expect your money back would you?

Well, you probably would but that's not how life works. Bottom line is, I've purchased two puppies from Petland and looked at many more and I've ALWAYS been offered the lifetime warranty. I chose to take the warranty and if I hadn't then I understood that I am taking a chance on that puppy having issues that may be out of my control and if the puppy was sick in month 1 and somehow made it to month 6, it's seems like your response to immediate vetrnarian care may be in question.

Not saying you didn't take your pet to a vet but clearly Petland didn't kill your dog 6 months later. Sorry about you luck but the way I see it, you're just looking for someone to blame.

to Anonymous #1102957

Your response is rather uncalled for I didn't see anything about someone wanting money back she just wanted some compassion but as I see you are not that person and by the way they are very notorious for falsifying aka papers and health certificates how do I know this I'm her husband I'm the one that bought her the for for Christmas the so called breeder never even existed no such address in the town so money wasn't the issue true we should have done researchfirst but since then we buy from a breeder out of Texas so your opinion is worthless at best and very judge mental maybe money was all you would think about since that'd all you seem to say


What do you expect??? Do you have any idea what living conditions those cute puppies PARENTS live in?

Deplorable....most never being allowed out of a 2ft by 2 ft cage living in it their whole miserable life! They are bread to death and when they can't produce anymore they are killed. And that's probably a blessing for them! That's the life of puppy mill dogs.

Yeah they come with "papers" but their health quality is awful. Please..ANYONE WHO READS THIS..don't buy from a pet store. If you continue to do so, it just encourages the sale of poor quality pets, and the animals are the ones who suffer unimaginable misery. There are millions of shelter pets begging for homes.

Millions are killed every year and only we can stop this! PLEASE.....ADOPT.....DONT SHOP!!!!

to Anonymous #1102904

What an uneducated ***. I have the address and USDA number of both breeders my dogs came from.

You're referring to a puppy mill. You're listening to what you hear without doing your research. Go to the store, ask for the breeder info. Look up that breeder.

I guarantee you won't find any breeder with violations. Their breeders are USDA inspected regularly.


My son and his gf bought a golden retriever puppy from the bethel rd store, Columbus ohio. They got him 7/15.

Took him to vet next day cause he wasn't eating. Puppy has pneumonia and has been at the vets all but 3 days since they got him. Selling sick puppies to people, pathetic!!!!

And the vet place at bethel rd is not the greatest either. Do not buy from here.

Lima, Ohio, United States #967302

We bought our american eskimo puppy from petland 3 years ago & he has been the best dog ever. Petland was great to us & we couldn't be happier!!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #898599

You are #$!&ING dumb. It happens it is not their fault the dog died it just happens sometimes.

Some problems arise after the purchase.

Was she sick when you got her (probably not). Just like with human beings things go wrong.


Sorry to hear about the puppy. Thier service sucks its all sales and lies they are not even friendly if they don't think your buying something or you're not in thier face.


I have 3 chihuahuas I purchased from petland, never had an issue with any of them. One is 9, one 6, and one is 4.

Great experience every time. I looked up the breeders and they all had a liscence and were legit. My wife bought a golden retriever from a breeder online. Saw the parents of the puppy and meet the breeder.

After two years it got hip dysphasia. Then when he was older he got cancer. What a horrible thing to have happen no matter where you make your purchase.

Doesn't matter if it's a pet store or a breeder, you can't guarantee a living animal won't ever be sick or have a problem. Just like people, animals can become ill or have a problem occur.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #647750

Got a poodle from them. I usually do get my animals at the shelters.

I got her because I wanted THAT dog. The markings, personality, etc. Well she goes in tomorrow for an xray, they are pretty sure it is her hip and she will have to have surgery. If you do get an animal from them..

I won't get another one! Buy the warranty, your gonna need it.


1,700 for a chihuahua?! That should have been your first clue that they were scamming you!

Go adopt from your local shelter! They often have pure breeds and are MUCH less expensive.


Petland is known for dealing with puppy mill breeders- they specifically get their animals from large scale breeding operations. Never buy a puppy from any facility in which you cannot see where the pup was born and raised.

Or, get a shelter dog! They make the best companions!

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