We bought our Maltese puppy in January 2012 at PETLAND MONROEVILLE. We brought her home with kennel cough but that was not a problem with us.

The next three years we deeply fell in love with our little girl. We maintained her health and got her groomed every five weeks. We were especially careful in what she ate. This past Christmas was a good one for all of us.

Beginning the new year, we noticed a few lumps on our sweet Violet and took her to the vet not only for him to look at her bumps but to get her next vaccination that was due. When he told us she had lymphoma we were absolutely DEVASTATED. This loving member of our family has lymphoma? Where did this come from?

He mentioned to us that in his 30 years as a veterinarian he has never seen a dog so young get lymphoma. He asked again if she was only three and I assured him she was. We started chemo immediately. After a few weeks, we chose to stop the chemotherapy but keep her on prednisone.

We put her on a holistic diet (recommended by a holistic doctor that is a friend) with homemade fresh food consisting of 12 different supplements. We cooked three small meals for her during her last two months. This did not remiss her cancer. We had to euthanize her last week.

We are absolutely DEVASTATED by her loss. Not only because she was such a beloved member of our family but the fact that she only lived a little over three years. It just does not seem fair. I called PETLAND MONROEVILLE requesting to talk to the owner to inquire about the breeder.

I thought they might be interested in knowing what happened and to check on her breeder to see if perhaps any other dogs from that litter had congenital problems. I thought when I talked to him he really cared but I was really wrong about that. He said he would call me back. He never did, nor did he mention the three year warranty that I discovered later on.

Since I told him she was three it could have been possible that she was within the three year warranty. He also stated he was the new owner and he bought the business a little more than a year ago. In extreme grief my husband and I visited PETLAND MONROEVILLE this past week. We were greeted by a woman who informed us she was the owner and after talking with her she said her four sons run the store.

Funny, the guy who called me said HE is the owner and he’s owned the store for a year and a half. I told her about our Violet and she went in the back of the store and brought out a Maltese puppy that we could purchase for $2k. Her behavior was very inappropriate. It is definitely clear to me what the priority is to these owner(s) and it is not the health of the animals.

Needless to say, we are not interested in a new dog. Don’t really know when we would emotionally be ready (if at all} for another dog. I am writing this to add to the complaint list about my experience with this pet store.

I will never buy an animal from PETLAND MONROEVILLE again. Hopefully this story will make people realize that buying from a breeder is a better route to take.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Typical of pet stores. Purchase from rescue organizations. Research puppy and kitty Mills.


I went to this Petland on May 20th 2015 looking for a puppy after being almost scammed online for one. I had found one online that stated he was still very young (under a year) and he was very adorable.

I had my 2 sisters with me. When I asked about him and showed an associate his picture on my phone, she brought him out, much much older than the pic represented. She stated that they do not update the computers and that this guy has been brought back several times and the next time better be his forever home as they were sick of getting him back. She stated the last people said he was un-trainable.

He was a puppy! of course it took patience! Then I asked about financing as I was considering it. She said that I would have to get a credit card through them to be eligible for the financing.

and on top of that to be able to adopt him was going to be $600 straight up! I would have also had to wait who knows how long to be able to get him since he was not eligible to be adopted out yet!

I think the only thing I liked about that store was the gigantic tortoise just hanging around!


I purchased a dog there in Jan 2011. (boxer)She was diagnosed with cancer at 5 months.

She was in remission until this year. It is now in her thyroid. She just turned 4 at the time of diagnosis.I believe the owners name was Joe at the time. He could have cared less.

Told me to return her. They did pay a small portion of the first cancer surgery but nothing near the 1,799.99 I paid for her. She has had medical problems, skin issues and a sever overbite. She had kennel cough and parasites the day we broght her home.

Lesson learned.

We are trying to enjoy the time we have left with her. The anger toward these people is felt every time I look at her.


Sadly, this is usually the result of buying a dog or cat from a pet store. They come from dirty, overcrowded conditions and then pet store chains jack up the price.

Don't shop, adopt! Sorry for your loss, however.


Wow! Thanks, I didnt know this.

Petland Monroeville should be able to find healthy, legitimate animals to sell in their stores shouldnt they? Why do they have to sell anything from a "puppy mill"? Is it that difficult to find somewhere that breeds good pups, healthy dogs, from a clean, disease free environment?

This is a sad story. I hope it doesnt really happen everywhere and that this store is one of the very few that sell from puppy mills that are dirty, unhealthy and all that.

Newport Beach, California, United States #959436

Buy a dog from a reputable breeder not a shelter. Wake up!

to ***People Albany, New York, United States #959466

Shelters are wayyyy better than breeders ANY DAY!!

Palm Springs, California, United States #959194

Petland buys from puppy mills. They would not tell you the breeder because they will not admit it.


First and foremost, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. As a fellow pet owner, I completely empathize with what you're feeling right now.

Only time can heal some wounds, and this is definitely one of them. Whenever I've endured the loss of a pet in the past, I've always referred back to a short, but emotionally touching poem called, 'The Rainbow Bridge". :)

Now, here comes the important part of this response:

DO NOT EVER buy a puppy or kitten from a pet store. The reason the owners of this pet store (and all pet stores) are shady to you when you ask them questions about the breeder from which the puppy came from is because their puppies do not come from a breeder.

They come from a place called a "puppy mill". These puppies are typically birthed from dogs who are legitimately used as "puppy generators", and are riddled with health problems due to the owners' neglect. Understandably, these health problems are often passed down to their puppies, which end up in pet stores across the nation.

Many people are unaware of this practice, and continue to buy puppies and kittens from pet stores.

By doing this, they are unknowingly supporting the entire operation, and enabling it to continue.

This is one of the reasons why there is such a push for people to adopt their pets. If you're seeking out a specific breed or type of dog, get through a breeder DIRECTLY. A responsible breeder will never sell their puppies to a pet store because they have no way of knowing that the puppies will be going to a responsible, caring home.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can always google "puppy mills".

The ASPCA has a pretty information section on their website devoted to it. http://www.aspca.org/fight-cruelty/puppy-mills If I were you though, I would not give this particular pet store (or ANY pet store that includes puppies and kittens as part of their "inventory") another dime of my money.

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