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I purchased a parakeet from pet land thinking it was fine. Dumb of me to support a horrible pet store.

It died the next day and i was stuck with a dead bird and an expensive cage. I called pet land and asked for a refund for the bird and they said i may get a new bird, i told them i did not want a new bird it will die too and they asked for me to bring the dead bird in, so i sadly put the poor bird into a bag and took it in.

I then asked to return the cage and i was told no. I was baffled, i have a day old cage with the stickers and price and receipt! I was very displeased and go in monthly to investigate.

The puppy's ears are dirty and have mites, there was a deathly looking hamster with swollen eyes. Do not support this!

Please do not shop here. Adopt!

Monetary Loss: $55.

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