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Do not buy pets from pet land. They buy from puppy mills even if they say they don't.

Do your research first. I wish I did. I asked for the address and breeder information which they never would provide me. My family pet was very very ill and only 12 weeks old.

Oh yeah, I can ask for my money back but that's not what this is about. It's about this poor sick and suffering puppy. Buy from the humane society. They make sure all animals are taken care of physically and mentally.

How can the owners, employees and ececutives sleep at night? Oh yeah, they make good money while these dogs cats are suffering living on top of each other with urine and *** all over thier bodies. The wimpers of pain hunger and fear!!!!

All for a buck!!!! I have a heart of gold but I honestly hope all people responsible for the suffering of these animals live a long painful sick life

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Petland cannot give out breeder info because it is protected under the privacy act so get a clue and if it was so bad they would shut the stores down.


This is in response to "ans"...the puppies at your store may be loved but what about their parents in the "mills" stacked on top of each other in tiny cages with minimal veterinary care??? You may make minimum wage but you can bet the puppy "brokers" and puppy mill owners (along with the Petland owners) all make very good money.

If you love taking care of animals so much then get a job at your local shelter or a veterinary hospital, don't waste your talent on a sorry company that sell puppies for profit at the cost of hundreds of adult dogs. Until you adopt a dog that came from a puppy mill (which I have 3), you have absolutely no idea how poorly they are treated.


I work at a Petland and the puppies at our store, do not look poor or they are not suffering. They are probably more spoiled then your dog will ever be.

They get so much love from us, and we get so attached and they are treated as if they are our kids. Puppies are susceptible to anything...I hope you do not have a kid, and if you do I feel bad for their teachers because you are probably an annoying nagging parent. Who yells at their teacher because the kid gets sick while in school...It is the same freaking situation. A kid in preschool can get sick from another kid.

Well dogs can get colds from other dogs! AND FU if you think making minimum wage is racking in the bucks then I don't know where the heck you live! I can make more working at Walmart!

Noone can live off of that! I work there because I LOVE ANIMALS AND I LOVE TAKING CARE OF THEM!

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