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Petland Puppy Dachshund Review
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 I purchased a puppy from Petland South Semoran in October 2016. I paid 2,400 Needless to say I fell in love with my puppy the moment I saw him. So I did it... I financed him. The very night I brought him home I ended up rushing him to the emergency vet he was pooping blood and at an alarming rate. Petland had sold me a very sick puppy. I called the store to confront them on the issue, they told me I needed to call pet solutions a 3rd party... Read more

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OUR DOG IS DEAD AFTER 12 DAYS On November 13th, 2016 we purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland. He was in the back and $100 off. We assumed there were just so many dogs that they had to have some in the back. They brought him out and it was love at first sight. He was so sweet and so affectionate. We were told that the dog was a “fussy eater” and we were told to syringe feed him every 2 hours. We signed all the papers and we took him to... Read more

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Wow I have the best service ever. Maria was super amazing I was in the store just looking at the puppies didnt have any intention to buy one but Maria sold me 3 puppies she is wonderfull. puppies are healthy and beautiful. They provided all the breeders info. I give them 5 stars. Thank you Maria and Thank you petland... you guys made my life so much better with my 3 furry babies

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I have always been against pet stores, but I went against my better judgment and adopted a 10 week old lab puppy from Petland at Carriage Place on August 21st. The puppy ended up being almost $3,000 all said and done, which is ridiculous in the first place. We were told he had been diagnosed with kennel cough, was almost done with his antibiotics, and that it was no big deal, just a puppy cold. We signed all the papers and brought our puppy... Read more

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i got a dog a while ago ( 2008 )there. paid 1700 dollars for her ( *** dumb i know ) . she was purebred mini dachshund . anyways after getting her i did some research into her bloodline..and found out she came from some breeder in kansas...all good it would seem..nope the breeder was wanted by the irs for tax evasion...and then did more digging and found out he was arrested in other states for animal cruelty and running puppy mills. so i went to... Read more

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We drove 2 1/2 hrs to get our puppy, we had agreed on a price out the door via phone, when we got there they added $600 in taxes, out the door means taxes included to most people! Then since we lived so far we weren't able to keep the Vet appt so we didn't qualify for the 14 day insurance, however, I did take my baby to my Vet and it turns out she had numerous shots for diarrhea and other diseases, it was seriously overkill and she has a upper... Read more

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Just bought a dog Saturday July 16 Th at night and the dog is sick!!! Respiratory infection and eyes infection. Does not eat for 4 days. Now I need to treat this dog for 14 days. Terrible experience. It was suppose to be a happy nice thing. They charged 2,600 dollars for a sick dog and now it cannot be returned. Poor dog! This store has no respect for families and fogs. If we wanted to rescue a dog we could have gone to s shelter and... Read more

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Petland - Dog Review from Hilliard, Ohio
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This is Jax, a grey Newfoundland. I got him when he was about 2 months old at a Petland in Hilliard Ohio. He was 5,000 dollars and little did I know that he was sick with bronchitis and pneumonia. They didn't tell me and when I took him to the vet 2 weeks later they said if I would have brought him in any later he would have been a goner. Not only was he an outrageous price but 3 months later and he's still having problems. I'm still in the... Read more

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Got a pom-chi from petland, had it for 45 days he was 17 weeks old, starting to have seizures, took him to the emergency care on 6/18, the vet that took care if him did all the tests possible, he seemed a healthy puppy when we got him, but that night he git very sick out of nowhere, if he got disconeccted he will not make it thru the night, so he died, we called petland, took them the death certificate, and they requested a necropsy, he was... Read more

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Purchased a puppy from petland and paid 500 down and would owe 390 on the dog. Well I get the dog home and it attacks my 9 month old. Brought the dog back the next day and they told me that they couldn't refund me my money and then called the police on my husband for asking for the dog back. So we walked out with them taking 500 from us as well as the dog. Called corporate and they called the store and sided with the store and the owner is so... Read more

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